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September 4, 2010   Greetings SHHS friends,   What an awesome weekend!!  This summer our class reunion took top honors as the hightlight of my summer's activities.  What fun to reconnect with so many that I went school with for 12 years and quite literally grew up with until my senior year.  It was heartwarming to see everyone attending having a great time.  There's something to be said for maturity.  Some of us may have never really talked in school but seeing each other after so many years was like just catching up with old friends.  It was wonderful!!  For those who were unable to attend . . . you were missed.  We hope that we will see you at the next reunion gathering.  Now that the door has been opened . . . let's stay in touch.  This wonderful website will certainly provide a great opportunity to for all of us to keep in touch.     God bless and keep you  . . . Your friend and classmate, Diane (Sprecher) Kansier 
September 3, 2010  
Greetings!  The last time this group met was about 20 years ago and all of you are on my mind since last week.  Many great things in the lives of the Sacred Heart Class of "67 alumni have taken place since that event.  As the spouse of an alum, I wanted to share my thoughts of last weekend's events from an outsider's perspective.  How sweet it is to have been welcomed by so many of you as if I was part of the class.  You really got me! The biggest thing that I noticed is that eveyone was so happy together. Looking around, everyone had a smile most of the time and lots of time for talk talk talk.  In spite of the heat, at least 98.6 degrees which felt more like being in the California Sun, everyone was glad all over. It was just a great event for the class to come home and share their life stories with each other.  Oh how happy you all looked!  Sunday will never be the same going back to our 5 o'clock world leaving behind the memories we all shared.  There was a kinda of hush in our car driving back to Connecticut the next day.  I drove over 1/2 of it as Bob relished in his memories.  Even though we had to go now, the planning for the next gathering is just a little twinkle in the eye but will be here before you know it.
Some times during the planning, I thought it would all go to bits and pieces or be kind of a drag to take on this feat.  Trying to find everyone proved to be a bit of a challenge for Pete and Bob.  Pete, the secret agent man, tracked all of you and more. I can't help myself to think of the daunting task after 20+ years.  What amazed me the most was how many folks bought a ticket to ride and travelled to get here. My respect goes out to all of you for travelling so far to be together....guess if you reach out, I'll be there!  It's not unusual for the folks who live close to make a quick jaunt down the street but folks came from Kansas City, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Philly, California and more.  It was the kicks for me to be part of it all.  Listen people, you sure can put on some good vibrations.  I'm a believer in the tenacity of this class.  Mercy, mercy, mercy, I can't wait for the next one to see you all again.  Don't forget the wonderful feeling you all had on Sunday night and keep on pushing for the next one. (And as a PS, you all must have been very hungry as there was very little pig left)   Now if you think that this all sounds a bit weird, I was inspired by Al Urbanski's songs that he recorded for the reunion.  We listened to over 200 song and 10.5 hours all the way back to Connecticut.  The last song played as we crossed the CT border.  While driving the long hours in Pennsylvania, I came up with this idea to bury the song titles in the narrative above.  How many can you find?  Let's see how many you can pick out.  There are 31 songs...see if you can find them all.   Best wishes to all of you!   Jan Hebert
July 26, 2010   Hell-o classmates,

I'm so happy we are having a class reunion. Reconnecting with some classmates from the past has really brought me some contentment. We never had the chance to really know everyone in school, but now is the time to take that step and jump in. Some of our classmate stories are fascinating and just leave you in awe.

I truly hope we meet again so old tales are told, and we remain in each other's lives. We really never really grew apart. We grew our lives and had journeys.

Best Wishes,

Claudette Stec (Ciegotura)