July 26, 2010   Hell-o classmates,

I'm so happy we are having a class reunion. Reconnecting with some classmates from the past has really brought me some contentment. We never had the chance to really know everyone in school, but now is the time to take that step and jump in. Some of our classmate stories are fascinating and just leave you in awe.

I truly hope we meet again so old tales are told, and we remain in each other's lives. We really never really grew apart. We grew our lives and had journeys.

Best Wishes,

Claudette Stec (Ciegotura)
Claudette Stec-Ciegotura
11/1/2012 01:40:31

Once again Elaine Hill (Pisarski) had come through for our Sacred Heart Website 45th reunion pictures. Many thanks and appreciateion to Elaine. I hope everyone who has attended the last two class reunions will come to our 50th.

Appreciation and thanks also goes to Peter Mott, Bob Hebert for all that they have done to make all of our reunions come together. Not forgetting, Diane Sprecher, Angi Palazola and myself. We've all worked very hard to make the last two reunions a success!

Wishing you well,

Claudette Stec-Ciegotura


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