September 4, 2010   Greetings SHHS friends,   What an awesome weekend!!  This summer our class reunion took top honors as the hightlight of my summer's activities.  What fun to reconnect with so many that I went school with for 12 years and quite literally grew up with until my senior year.  It was heartwarming to see everyone attending having a great time.  There's something to be said for maturity.  Some of us may have never really talked in school but seeing each other after so many years was like just catching up with old friends.  It was wonderful!!  For those who were unable to attend . . . you were missed.  We hope that we will see you at the next reunion gathering.  Now that the door has been opened . . . let's stay in touch.  This wonderful website will certainly provide a great opportunity to for all of us to keep in touch.     God bless and keep you  . . . Your friend and classmate, Diane (Sprecher) Kansier 

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